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If you are a local artist looking for a great place to play live shows, book gigs and play local music you may find it particularly difficult to discover the local venues in your area that can deliver the best opportunities. With the help of our page it's possible for bands, solo artists, DJs and other performers to connect with event coordinators, wedding planners, local venues and more. By working as an intermediary to connect creative individuals with the talent seekers that are looking for acts to fill their venues, we can facilitate a huge boost in revenue for artists around the greater California area. Currently we are able to offer our resources up to Los Angeles County, Orange County and San Diego County but there are plans to expand our list of venues and connections further across California and eventually the United States.



Texas Runaway

The Texas runaway band of Ranch Cucamonga, California, is a group of unique musicians whose music has been sworn-by to heal the soul. Dedicated to singing the best country rock vibes, their fans are ever pleased with their seamless delivery, tact and performance. With the synergy the group possesses, one can't help but wonder if the five artists that form the crew have been singing together all their lives.

The muse and lead singer, Brie Bones is the runaway artist who moved from mighty Texas to California in pursuit of her dream. Alongside Jamis Iovine the Bassist, Jacob Petteruto the Drummer, Mike Neeley the Lead Guitarist and Dave Morrison the rhythm Guitarist, Brie is dyed in the wool of taking the band to the top. To showcase their ingenuity, the band draws culminating inspiration from Miranda Lambert, Pisto Annies, Jimmy Buffet, Zack Brown and Reba Mcyntire among others.

From studio sessions to live radio and live gigs, the band has won over the heart of their listeners over the years.  They have also performed at several venues including the sixty6 sports bar, the Shoppes at Chino Hills, and characters Sportsbar, Pomona to mention a few. The band has one full album recorded already and are working on another; there's no stopping the runaways.

This crew of talented musicians was a finalist at the Musclekingz's battle of the band awards in 2017 and is already through to the second round of the Wright records battle due on 24th of March. They promise you country music spiced up with little rock to give a recipe for nice driving and dancing music. To book an event or listen to their music, contact them on their website or follow their social media networks.

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