"It all started with the simple idea of bringing people together... "
Mikey Miranda

Now in 2017, it will finally be a reality. It is a way to connect and listen to live music performers in the Orange County area. California is the place to be when discovering new talent, it is the place where new musicians and old musicians can find their fame. Our goal is to help connect performers and vendors together. To help local bands and musicians find events such as weddings, parties, and festivals to spread their music. With our website continuing to grow, Localgigspot has started working on its own conventional website with students, Team Goaldiggers at the University of California Irvine.

This summer of 2017 is going to be the launch of new adventures for all of us. Just like there will be new options for college students, there will also be new and better access for the public to search for live local shows. The best part? It is free! It is free to sign up as a musician, a vendor, or even a guest. Localgigspot wants to give everyone access when it comes to seeing a potential musicians profile and music as well as potential vendors and their reviews. We are a one of a kind company that takes value in the music itself. We don’t charge for any kind of setup fee, and we focus on the organic advertisement of performing and producing. We know the music industry is a tough market. So, if we have the ability to help make dreams become a reality, we don’t want to charge for it. Localgigspot is the online service that connects the music with the stage. Our call to action for you is to help us spread the message. Help get the word out that we are ready to bring the life of music back into our city. If we can bring the passion to Orange County, our goal is to awaken the cities of San Diego, and even Los Angeles. Come back often for more gig updates around you.

Keep Jamming!

For the love of music, your music makers,

Localgigspot Team